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Laminate Floor Care


How to clean Laminate Wood Floors
Laminate floor maintenance and cleaning
Items you will need:
- Broom
- Vacuum with soft brush attachment
- Laminate Floor Cleaner (Products sold in store)
- Micro fibre Mop
- Bucket of clean hot water

1. Sweep floors to remove loose dust/debris
2. Using the soft brush attachment, vacuum floor, making sure to pay special attention to corners where dust and pet hair accumulate
3. Following the directions on the Floor Cleaner, apply to small section of the floor.
4. Dampen Micro fibre mop, being sure to wring out excess water, and run over area of floor cleaner *Going with the grain of the wood with smooth, even strokes.
5. Rinse mop in clean water and repeat steps 3 & 4 on next section of floor.
6. There is no need to rinse floor unless the directions on the cleaner suggest that you do so.

Laminate Wooden Floor Stain Removal
Laminate Floor Stubborn Stain Cleaning
Although laminate floors are generally stain resistant, some stubborn stains may require special treatment. Here are some of the more common trouble makers:

- Blood: Spray stain with under foot stain remover and wipe with a damp micro fibre mop.
- Liquor: Dampen a micro fibre mop with warm water and detergent and rub spot. If that fails, try using a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol.
- Grease: Apply an ice pack (a package of frozen vegetables will do in a pinch) until grease hardens, then gently scrape with plastic spoon or butter knife. Remaining residue should wipe away with a couple of squirts of under foot cleaner.
- Crayon marks: Rub with a micro fibre soft cloth dampened with under foot stain remover. You can also apply toothpaste and rub with a dry cloth.
- Nail polish: Use a small amount of scouring powder, warm water, and a plastic mesh pad. Work the scouring powder into a paste and apply, be careful no to rub too aggressively as it may scratch the finish.
- Ink: Wet a rag with warm water and detergent and rub. If that doesn’t work, try a commercial ink remover.
- Heel Marks and Scuffs: Rub the marks with a pencil eraser. Works like magic.
- Chewing gum: Remove excess gum with plastic knife and rub residue with micro fibre cloth dampened with under foot cleaner.

Keep Your Laminate Wooden Floors Looking New
Simple precautions to keep your floors looking new and scratch-free.
Although laminate floors are low maintenance and scratch resistant, that doesn’t mean they are indestructible or scratch proof. Taking these simple precautions will keep your floors looking new and scratch-free.

- Keep a micro fibre mop handy for daily quick sweeps to avoid accumulation of dirt, dust and pet hair.
- Regular floor cleaners, such as the pine scented kind are not recommended for use on laminate as they can leave a dull, soapy residue.
- Oil Soap is not recommended for use on laminate as it can leave it looking streaky.
- For quite clean-up of spots and spills, spray with under foot cleaner and wipe with a soft micro fibre cloth. DO NOT overuse cleaners that contain ammonia as excess ammonia can strip away the protective sealant on laminate floors.
- Wipe up water and other spills promptly as excess water or other liquid can damage floors and cause warping.
- Laminate floors DO NOT require waxing and applying floor wax of any kind can result in a dull build-up.
- Consider using carpet runners or area rugs (being sure to use non skid pads under either) especially for high-traffic areas.
- Try to avoid wearing heavy-soled shoes or high heels on wood floors. In fact, barefoot is best!
- NEVER drag furniture or other items across the hardwood floor.
- Use furniture pads on the bottoms and legs of furniture (available at any home improvement or supercenters stores).
- If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed to avoid nicks and scratches.

*These cleaning and care instructions are based on years of practical experience. Krono Original® assumes no liability for completeness and correctness of the instructions, although these tips and tricks are regularly updated.

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